Saturday, January 23, 2010

God is True

He that hath received his testimony hath set to his seal that God is true.
John 3:33

God is true- wouldn't it be weird if God was a liar? Imagine Noah- sitting way back in something B.C. and God says, "Noah, build a giant boat!" So Noah builds it. Four hundred years later (Spoken as if the Narrator from Spongebob.) Noah looks up to God and says, "Hey! Hey God! You up there still? Haven't heard anything about this giant boat in a while. Just needing a little reassurance right about now." Six hundred years later (Again, spoken like the narrator from Spongebob.) "Okay God. It has been 600 years. Where is this flood? I'm about to keel over down here! We got people laughing at me, no animals coming to the boat, annnndddddd NO WATER coming from the sky! Where is this flood!?" God is true! He is true to His words and true to His promises. If God said it, it will happen! I wonder why we don't believe God? For thousands of years people have been believing God and God has never once lied! Why would He start lying to us now? Not that long ago, (when I was extremely far from God and thought that God hated me)I remember yelling at God and saying, "God! You said You will never leave me! You said that You will always bring your kids back! Where the heck are You now!?" I was ticked off.. I look at things now, and I realize how much God wanted me to learn. God is always true! Sometimes we don't understand, sometimes it is not in our timing, God is still true. God will not lie to you. He will do what He said He is going to do, just not always in your timing.

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