Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Far from God?

"Go, take to yourself a wife of adultery and children of adultery. For the land has utterly gone lusting away from Jehovah." Hosea 1:2

So many people look at this book in the wrong light. They see a slut. They see a man who loves a slut, who must have a few screws loose to be around her. We miss the meat of the verse though. The NKJV states it this way, "the land has committed great harlotry by departing from the LORD." However, I like how the KJV puts it, "the land has utterly gone lusting away from Jehovah." "Lusting away" is an extremely vibrant yet blunt way of stating what many of us do. One week we are on fire for God and serving Him and then our "lusting" kicks in. Lusting after money, power, fame, popularity, etc. The list never ends! We are chasing everything the world has to offer yet we are getting nowhere. Think of it this way- God wants a relationship with you just as you want to have a relationship with your spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend. However, he wants to have a much closer relationship. He wants to hear about your day- everyday. He wants to hear about your needs- right when you need. If we spent just half the time working on our relationship with God as we do our relationships around us, our spiritual life would substantially improved. Believe me, I struggle everyday in this area. God wants our lives devoted 100% to Him without us running away.

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